Woosah | \ˈwü-sä \

(1) verb. to calm down, relax, and breathe easy; (2) noun. a meditative breath used to reduce anxiety, eliminate tension, and find peace; (3) noun. a state of ease made possible through feed-your-glow habits, mindful attention to intuition, support from a crew of like-minded comrades, and a generous dollop of self-love.  

(Okay, the last one is mine...)


Woosah Wellness is a space dedicated to health and wellness education through community-centric learning, building, and thriving.  Someday (soon) there will be bricks and mortar to this idea-hub-meets-yoga-studio-meets-community-cafe (guys, it's going to be beautiful) but for now, its home is here in this cosy little corner of the webisphere.

This baby is going to grow. But I can't do it without you! My intention is to have this be a platform for educators, creators, storytellers, and do-ers to demonstrate their knowledge and experience to an audience of eager ears (that's us, sharers and sharees alike). This is not another yoga blog, it is a two-way conversation. I invite you to listen, ask questions, consider new perspectives, and open yourself to our collective potential. 


Ideas? Thoughts? Feedback? I am all ears!