Get Lit: Tools for Raising Your Vibration


I do not know about you, but I freaking love feeling LIT UP. Not the drug kind; the happy kind, the connected kind, the kind that makes you feel like you are vibrating at the frequency of the sun. It is an addictive feeling and the more attention I pay to raising my vibration, the more often I find myself enjoying the bliss that comes with it. But it takes work. As nice as it would be to flip a switch and light up like a darn Christmas tree (especially on days where you are feeling tired, sad, or just plain lazy), it does not work like that.

This winter was a long one for me: away from my friends, living in a home that was not my own, and being rained on for four months straight. I thought I was immune to the February blahs, but turns out they are a real and totally tricky thing to shake. However, knowing how great it feels to get lit, I had no choice but to try— and goodness me did I have to work at it.

Raising your vibration takes daily practice, it takes intention, and it takes an open heart to receiving the energy of the Universe. If you are anything like me, you do not feel up to this amount of work every day. But if I can give you one nugget of encouragement: TRY! Even if that means starting with two minutes before you get up in the morning or once a week when you can fit a little spiritual juice in between the gym and brunch. Schedule it in. Make it happen. You will be amazed at how quickly you will start to notice things shift. You may even begin to look forward to that time (you will). And soon, you will be vibrating at a level you did not even know you could. Want to know the coolest part? When we light up and shine bright, we light the path for others to do the same. 

Here are some of my favourite tools to help elevate:

  1. Go for a walk in nature.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Attend a Kundalini yoga class.
  4. Carry crystals containing properties that I wish to embody. 
  5. Light a candle.
  6. Receive a reiki treatment.
  7. Read a book that inspires me. *Check out Rebecca Campbell’s “Light is the New Black.” It might change your life.
  8. Have plants growing in every room of my house.
  9. Listen to music.
  10. Use essential oils.
  11. Clear up clutter (this is a big one for me).

What kind of things do you do to brighten your light? Share below!

A Call Home


Have you ever found yourself in a place that feels SO right, you feel as though your soul is being called home?

For me, there are places I have been and roads I have travelled that— though they may be brand new to me— set off a soulful firework display throughout my entire body. I experience this in a very physical way: a warming of the heart that spills out, sending tingly vibrations down to my fingertips and toes, and at times flooding out in a mess of happy tears. I love this feeling. Love, love, LOVE it.

I am not always sure what this eureka-like call of my soul might mean, but I have my theories. Some days it speaks to me as my inner-conscious letting me know that I am exactly on track. Other times it feels like a return to a place visited in a past life-journey on this beautiful green and blue globe. And others, it is a loving call from my ancestors, reminding me of my home.

And the more I listen to the whisperings of my spirit,
the more I honour the experience of those who have walked this planet before me,
the more I open myself up to the wisdom of the earth,
the louder my soul speaks.

Tofino, BC is one of these places for me - more specifically the west coast of Vancouver Island. I remember so clearly my first time returning to this little town after moving to BC in 2015 (I had visited Tofino once as a kid). Sitting in the back of my friend’s truck, winding our way through the mountains, excited for the weekend of surfing and tacos, my soul quietly whispered “this is home.” I knew right away I would live on the island one day- and now I do! I love when a plan comes together.

I had been meaning to make my way back to the west(est) coast since moving to Courtenay and at long last had the opportunity to visit Tofino a couple of weeks ago. Curious to see what this return visit would bring, I was thrilled to find my body flooded once again with this familiar and oh so juicy feeling. There is something so raw, so beautiful, and so wonderfully humbling about the west coast; where the beaches, the rocky shores, and the old-growth forests open up to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean; where pure force is faced head on with simple humility. While my immediate thought, being the flighty little bird that I am have been, was that I absolutely must move to this seaside town, I slowly found peace with the idea that for now at least, it can be a place to visit. An important place. A place to return to time and time again. A place for me to listen, to reconnect, and to remember. And who knows what the future will bring! (My brain is on a yoga retreat... anyone in?)

Is there a place/person/thing/experience that gives you bubbly, heart-racing, soul-dancing, feel-good vibes? I would love to hear! Please feel free to share below or DM me.

Growing Pains

We hear it all the time: the ebb and flow of life. We have periods of elation and bouts of sadness, times of ease and eras of tribulation. We are challenged, we overcome, and we soar, then BOOM! we are faced with a new challenge. Transition comes with growth, but even good transition can be difficult.

The last time I wrote, I was flying high. I had found myself in damn-near perfect alignment with my dharma and I was sure it would continue. It did not. It got even better and then it got hard. And, though wildly beautiful, it threw my idea of normal for a complete spin. The changes over the last few months have been good ones (more like amazing), but I still find myself stumbling to land on my feet. This is normal, this is good, this still leaves me in tears six days of the week.

Let me catch you up: 

  1. I moved to Haida Gwaii for four months to work. I saw whales on my way to work, I went for beach walks with bears, and I was welcomed into a family of earth-loving, adventure-seeking, absolutely-genuine human beings.
  2. I fell in love with one of those beautiful human beings. His name is Gaelan. He has my heart.
  3. I returned from Haida Gwaii, relocated to Vancouver Island, and moved (with Gaelan) into a beautiful little cabin steps away from the ocean.
  4. I got a new job that allows me time to make art, practice yoga, and go on adventures in the mountains. 

Amazing, right?!

I feel so fortunate to be where I am, with who I am. So why is it that I am still struggling?

For me it is mostly simple: I do well with routine and in the last six months every inch of my routine has changed. My meditation practice has become virtually non-existent, my yoga routine has taken a steep decline, I am eating foods that I do not normally eat, and my work schedule varies week to week. My natural rhythm has completely lost the beat, which leaves me feeling discouraged. I worry I have lost all of the progress I worked so hard to make in my personal growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually and I feel disconnected from my true self.

These thoughts of regression are completely bogus of course, but that does not make the self-doubt less loud.

Which brings me to this post. I know I am not alone in this experience (even though some days that is exactly how it feels) and I believe that recognizing we are not alone is hugely important in finding compassion for ourselves. It is easy to think that we are not working hard enough or that our perceived failure has compromised our reputation, or worse, our self-worth. News flash: this is progress. We are enough, we will find ourselves back on track (sooner than we think), and we are totally rocking this change. We need to be patient with ourselves, make room for some self-compassion, honour the progress we have already made, and keep our eyes on the prize. 

It is still going to take work, but you/I/we are totally up it. I have developed my personal plan of attack:

  •  Get back to basics. Eat foods that make me feel good (this includes all the Christmas chocolate I please), start each day in meditation (two minutes will do), get myself to yoga (even when I do not feel like it), and continue to call my Mom every other day.
  • Keep up the search for a new studio to begin teaching again. An opportunity will show itself. In the meantime, Facebook yoga (check it out pals) gives me the chance to practice with my friends and family all over the world.  
  • Continue to learn. Ingest all the knowledge that my giant shelf of unread books has to offer.  
  • Let myself cry when I need to cry.

I’ve got this and so do you!  

Are you finding yourself in a similar situation? What tools do you use when you find yourself in the midst of a shift? Have you found on yourself on the other side of the change? Any words of wisdom to share? I would love to hear from any and all.