on the mat


Yoga is a whole lot more than sun salutes and forward folds...

I mean, I like standing on my head as much as the next girl, but my toes can barely scratch the ceiling of "yoga" if I only think in terms of how far I bend. Literally, yoga is union or connection, which means that yoga is in everything. Yoga is both the practices (handstands included) we use to connect and the state of connection (that wind-in-your-hair, sun-on-your-face, i-am-me-and-you-are-me-and-we-are-all-together kind of feeling). If you are wondering what it is that has people falling so hard, so fast for yoga - it is realising that this connection feels so damn good. 

There are many paths to yoga (four paths, eight limbs- if you are counting) and many ways in which to understand it. But at its core, yoga is about becoming more awake to who we are personally (through meditation, asana, pranayama, a glass of wine in the tub, you name it), and through this, developing a wider connection to the people, places, and things in this interconnected, love-entwined, great, big universe we call home. 

So how do we start? By creating space in the body (hello forward folds), quieting the mind (what's up meditation), breathing deep (my pal pranayama), letting go of expectations (be kind to yourself), surrendering to the process (and it is a process), and releasing into who we are (a super-powered-sunshiney-love-thing). 

It is from this understanding that I come to you as both a student and teacher. See you on the mat! 



yin / restorative 

Combining yin and restorative yoga poses, this gentle and relaxing practice is excellent for those new to yoga, students working with injuries, and is a great compliment to more active yoga practices. In holding poses for longer periods of time, students are encouraged to turn in, let go, and restore. Leave each class with less tension in your muscles, more movement in your joints, and a deeper sense of calm in your body, mind, and spirit.

Foundations of Flow

Focusing on alignment and breath-led movement, this mild, vinyasa-styled flow will build strength and flexibility in the body, as well as peace and focus in the mind. By providing various modifications for poses and through the use of hands-on assists, this class is well suited to those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their existing practice.

Did you know? I also teach corporate yoga classes. 

If you would like to learn more about bringing yoga to your workplace, please connect with me here